About Luminex Software, Inc.

Our Rich History

Luminex was founded in 1994 with a focus on corporate data storage solutions. Since that time, Luminex has achieved award-winning growth while remaining consistently profitable. Solving real customer problems with valuable solutions is part of our DNA.

Luminex delivers on our vision of Universal Storage Networking by allowing mainframe customers to have seamless access to the broad range of storage networking products and innovations already available for other environments.

Luminex’s Channel Gateway solutions are the only product lines of their kind to truly unite the Mainframe and Open Systems storage networks. Read more about Luminex’s revolutionary mainframe virtual tape solutions here.

In 2000, Luminex acquired and merged the Data|WARE product line and technical staff into the Luminex family. Then again in 2002, Luminex acquired and merged the Polaris product line and technical staff into the Luminex family. These acquisitions, coupled with intensive investment in R&D, has enabled Luminex to deliver a formidable family of mainframe storage and connectivity solutions, backed by nearly 30 years of continuous mainframe engineering and technical support. Today, our mainframe solutions are OEM’d, certified and/or resold by every major mainframe manufacturer. We believe this speaks volumes about our commitment to advancing the technology and about our mainframe expertise.

A sample of our world-class customer base can be viewed here.

Luminex has built our reputation as a valuable and strategic partner with companies such as these that require only the best performance, features quality and reliability.

Heritage of Innovation

Luminex is a recognized leader in disk-based virtual tape solutions. Through its innovation and customer-driven product development, Luminex was the first vendor to enable many of the technologies used in modern mainframe virtual tape solutions today, including:

  • 1st to enable tape encryption
  • 1st to enable compression combined with deduplication using DataStream Intelligenceā„¢
  • 1st to provide 8Gb FICON for virtual tape
  • 1st to enable shared infrastructure for storage and replication of mainframe tape, DASD and open systems
  • 1st & only major virtual tape vendor to directly provide tape migration services without third-party contracting
  • 1st to provide replication monitoring at the VOLSER level using RepMonā„¢
  • 1st vendor to enable cloud storage for mainframe tape
Luminex's History of Innovation Synchronous Tape Matrix - True Continuous Availability for Mainframe Virtual TapeWire-speed FICON performance CGSafe DataStream Intelligence 8 Gb/s FICON Tape Migration Services Replication Monitor CloudTAPE