Luminex Announces New CD & DVD Library Products

Riverside, CA, November 19, 2001 Luminex Software, Inc. today announced the development and shipment of its new CD and DVD data storage products, the PowerPlus Libraries, which will be added to its award-winning on-line data archival solutions, the Power Series.

The new Luminex PowerPlus Library allows you to automate data creation and retrieval as well as network and internet-enable your data to offer exceptional, timely access. The PowerPlus connects to a UNIX Server and is very easy to install, use and maintain.

"We offer an affordable entry-level solution that stores up to one-half Terabyte with configurations available up to several Terabytes, as your needs change," according to Arthur Tolsma, Director of Business Development for Luminex. "This high capacity library is perfect for storing large projects, and the Luminex software included is specifically designed to provide fast access to data archives," he added.

The PowerPlus Libraries can be configured with 4 drives and a 108 disc capacity, or with 2 drives and 144 disc capacity. CD and DVD media can be imported and exported with a mailslot or in bulk with easy-to-use magazines. As with all other Luminex product solutions, the PowerPlus Library is a total solution, complete with all the hardware and software necessary, as well as one year unlimited technical support. Prices for the PowerPlus Library start at only $8,995.

Expected uses and applications of the PowerPlus include: archiving, streaming media, transactions, project backup, and document imaging.

This new Luminex product comes on the heels of its recent technological breakthrough which gives customers the ability to take advantage of the full recording capacity of 4.7 GB DVD-RAM and DVD-R media while maintaining native Macintosh HFS filesystem compatibility.

"This is just a glimpse of what's to come from our software innovation," said Michael Saunders, Vice President of Luminex. "We plan to aggressively leverage our DVD-based HFS technology to maximize our penetration in our traditional base as well as new markets. Information technology managers across the globe have been asking for HFS with some desperation, so we are glad to be the only company able to provide them with this solution."

Luminex's award-winning Power-100 Libraries, Power-Press publishers, and NET-Products, joined with our new product offerings which take advantage of our software innovations, is expected to combine to represent a powerful and flexible solution to meet the demanding needs of both existing and new customers alike.

Luminex solutions are UNIX server and Mainframe based, and include library, duplication, and stand-alone drive products. Luminex is an industry leader in developing and marketing removable media storage solutions. Luminex develops server based archiving, networking, and data distribution solutions focused on leveraging CD, DVD, and other random-access removable media technologies. Luminex is located in Riverside, CA and can be contacted by phone at 951-781-4100, by email at or on the internet at

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