Luminex Announces DataBank Library: Storage Library for Mainframe and Client/Server Users

Riverside, CA, November 12, 2001 Luminex Software, Inc. today announced the development of its newest fully automated library archival product, the Data/Bank CD Library, which will be added to its award-winning Power-Series library product line.

This read-only digital data storage library can store hundreds to thousands of CDs - or several terabytes of data -- that have been created by Luminex's CD creation product for mainframe MVS and C/S users, the Data/Ware CD creation solution. Data/Ware represents a premium, high-end application suite that is tailored toward the conversion of Data Center OS/390 information from tape and print files onto CD-R media.

"The Data/Bank libraries give mainframe customers the ability to have network and internet access to data archives from a single library," according to Michael Saunders, Vice President of Luminex. "Our entry level Data/Bank library can store up to 144 CDs worth of data for network viewing or publishing," he added.

The Data/Bank Library for Data/Ware CD is a fully automated and complete data storage solution with hardware, software and one year unlimited technical support.

The company plans to aggressively launch the Data/Bank library product to its well- established markets in the private and public sectors. "Since Luminex's acquisition of the Data/Ware product line, we have been able to capture tremendous synergies, and the Data/Bank Library is one of the outcomes. We intend to further leverage our expertise in CD storage to our traditional banking and finance base in addition to corporate Data Center environments," says Arthur Tolsma, Director of Business Development for Luminex. "The technical knowledge and expertise in these markets by the Data/Ware CD development team, joined with Luminex's leading data storage technology, has combined to represent a very powerful and flexible solution to meet the evolving needs of both existing and new customers alike," he added.

Luminex solutions are mainframe MVS, Client/Server & UNIX server based, and include libraries, recorders, and stand-alone drive products. Luminex is an industry leader in developing and marketing removable media storage solutions. The company leverages CD and DVD technologies to provide data archiving, distribution and network/internet storage solutions both here and abroad. The company combines functionality, performance, and ease of use to solve today's customer problems. Luminex solutions support virtually every network and internet usage environment. The company is located in Riverside, CA and can be contacted by phone at 951-781-4100, by email at or on the internet at

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