Luminex Announces Low Cost CD-R and DVD-R Data Publishing, Distribution and Archiving Solutions for UNIX and Linux Systems

Riverside, CA, May 28, 2003 - Luminex Software, Inc., a leading supplier of data distribution, archiving and storage products, announces its new Data|WARE™ Workstation product line, which establishes a new standard for desktop optical data archiving and publishing by leveraging consumer technology to cost-effectively deliver benefits to the corporate IT user. Data|WARE Workstation supports CD-R, DVD-R and DVD-RAM media using UNIX servers from IBM, Sun®, Hewlett-Packard and SGI and Linux™ servers. The product line includes Data|WARE Workstation CD-R and Data|WARE Workstation Combo, a multi-recorder solution for CD-R, DVD-R and DVD-RAM publishing.

"Optical recording - especially data archiving and distribution - is a vital data center technology," said Michael Saunders, President of Luminex. "Data|WARE Workstation brings the experience and know-how we've gained with Data|WARE Enterprise CD in large data center environments down to the UNIX workstation."

The Data|WARE Workstation Combo incorporates the new DVD MULTI-Drive, developed by Panasonic Industrial Company. "Panasonic is pleased to supply the OEM DVD MULTI Drive to Luminex, which plays a key role in Luminex's continued innovation in the data archiving and publishing industry," said Dana Berzin, Product Manager for Panasonic's OEM computer drives. "By leveraging the latest optical media technologies, Luminex continues to deliver higher performance and improved ROI to their customers."

Both Data|WARE Workstation Combo and Data|WARE Workstation CD-R are easily installed onto a customer's current workstation and use an advanced graphical user interface to guide the user through the optical recording process. List price for Data|WARE Workstation Combo is $1,595; Data|WARE Workstation CD-R is priced at $1,090.

"UNIX workstation users - from small businesses to specialized applications in larger organizations - can now archive and distribute data quickly and at low cost, providing businesses greater flexibility and improved data and information handling at the desktop level," added Saunders.

Data|WARE Workstation adheres to industry standards and utilizes automated integrity checks to ensure reliable production control. In addition, the Write-Once, Read Many (WORM) technology inherent in DVD-R and CD-R media meets recent government and industry requirements for retention of electronic records among financial and health care firms.

About Luminex Software, Inc.

Luminex develops distinctive data storage products that tackle the complex challenges of storing, archiving, distributing and protecting data. Complemented by quality customer service, Luminex's innovative products create real value for our customers. The Data|WARE™ product family simplifies CD and DVD creation for small to large businesses in finance, healthcare, prepress, government and education. Luminex's Virtual|BLUE™ line of parallel channel and ESCON emulators links IBM and plug-compatible mainframes with UNIX and Microsoft systems, resulting in improved operations and economics for large data centers.

Founded in 1994, Luminex is privately held and headquartered in Riverside, California, with additional offices in San Diego, California, and Beaverton, Oregon. Data|WARE and Virtual|BLUE products are available directly from Luminex and through selected partners worldwide. For more information about Luminex, please email or call +1.951.781.4100.

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