Luminex and Kladann Informática Form Alliance for Mainframe Storage

Kladann to Offer Virtual|BLUE™ 3990 to Brazilian Mainframe Market

Riverside, CA, United States & São Paulo - SP - Brazil -August 12, 2003- Luminex Software, Inc., a leading developer of data distribution, archiving and storage products, today announced an alliance with Kladann Informática Comércio e Serviços Ltda, a leading Brazilian system integration and technology company. Under the alliance, Kladann will offer Luminex's Virtual|BLUE™ 3990 controller to mainframe data centers throughout Brazil. Virtual|BLUE 3990 enables S/390-class mainframes to use Storage Area Networks (SAN) and open systems RAID directly as mainframe disk.

Virtual|BLUE 3990 is the first disk vendor-independent controller that allows open systems disk to be used with proprietary mainframe protocols. Connection to the mainframe is through four ESCON channels; open systems disk can be connected via SCSI or Fibre Channel. The controller handles all ECKD protocol translations for a mainframe to read and write data to open systems disk, making open systems disk storage fully accessible to applications running under VM, VSE, MVS, OS/390, z/OS and z/VM.

"With Virtual|BLUE 3990 and open systems RAID, we can offer an easy to configure system with significantly lower operating costs than similar IBM, EMC or HDS solutions," said Carlos Alberto Bodra Becher, Product and Services Director at Kladann. "We are now migrating our customers' systems from traditional DASD to Virtual|BLUE 3990 in order to take advantage of these improvements."

"Mainframe-based data centers now have the option to use standard RAID and SAN-attached disk with their mainframes," said Peter LaPorte, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Luminex. "Aside from the differences in acquisition and maintenance costs-which are significant, the smaller footprint and lower power consumption of open systems disk make a strong financial case for Virtual|BLUE 3990."

The Virtual|BLUE 3990 controller consists of a dual processor, rack mountable controller. It is available with four ESCON and two Fibre Channel ports emulating 3390 devices with capacity to 12 Terabytes.

"Kladann will provide Virtual|BLUE 3990 as a complete package solution to customers looking for a low cost but high performance DASD for IBM and compatible mainframes," said Mr. Bodra. "It will also enable us to reduce our computing costs and offer a compact solution for disaster recovery or contingency for customers."

About Luminex Software, Inc.

Luminex develops distinctive data storage products that tackle the complex challenges of storing, archiving, distributing and protecting data. Complemented by quality customer service, Luminex's innovative products create real value for our customers. The Data|WARE™ product family simplifies CD and DVD creation for small to large businesses in finance, healthcare, prepress, government and education. Luminex's Virtual|BLUE™ line of parallel channel and ESCON emulators links IBM and plug-compatible mainframes with UNIX and Microsoft® systems, resulting in improved operations and economics for large data centers.

Founded in 1994, Luminex is privately held and headquartered in Riverside, California, with additional offices in San Diego, California, and Beaverton, Oregon. Data|WARE and Virtual|BLUE products are available directly from Luminex and through selected partners worldwide. For more information about Luminex, please email or call +1.951.781.4100.

About Kladann Informática Comércio e Serviços

Kladann Informática Ltda, is focused on providing solutions using IBM technology by selling, buying and renting IBM hardware, including S/390, RS/6000 and NETFINITY platforms. The company owns a data center offering specialized services in data backup, disaster recovery and business continuance. The company has expanded their reseller role with comprehensive technical services consisting of upgrades, additions and relocations. In addition, Kladann includes an equipment rental business with extensive maintenance agreements. The Kladann team of highly qualified professionals and technicians strive to provide the best solutions for its customers in the most cost-effective way.

Founded in 1989, Kladann is based in São Paulo, Brazil. For more information, please visit:

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