Luminex Certifies Non-Disruptive Innovation Solutions On Virtual|BLUE™ 3990

Non-disruptive hardware install, instant backup and restore from disk are significant time and cost savings benefits available to customers using Luminex’s Virtual|BLUE™ 3990 controller together with INNOVATION z/OS mainframe data storage solutions

New York, NY, August 16, 2004 — Luminex Software, Inc., a leading developer of mainframe storage products, today announced at the SHARE Users Conference in New York City certification of the INNOVATION Data Processing FDRINSTANT Solution Suite for Non-Disruptive Business Data Protection, Business Continuance and Information Life Cycle management (ILM). Specifying Fast Dump Restore (FDR), FDRABR and FDRINSTANTBACKUP for use with its Virtual|BLUE 3990 (V|B 3990) controller, Luminex also certified INNOVATION’s FDRPAS as a V|B 3990 solution for non-disruptive installation and real time replication of existing mainframe DASD storage data to V|B 3990-based DASD. Certification tests reveal employing INNOVATION solutions together with Luminex open systems V|B 3990 technology results in significant cost and time savings.

Virtual|BLUE 3990 eliminates the proprietary boundaries and vendor lock-in that separate the mainframe and open systems storage worlds, enabling mainframe enterprises to take advantage of the ever-increasing features and ROI benefits being delivered by the disk storage industry. V|B 3990 is a mainframe DASD product that makes standard RAID, SAN and NAS-based storage work directly with IBM and plug-compatible mainframes. With V|B 3990, open systems disk from virtually any vendor is now available to mainframe users.

“Customers today have an unprecedented opportunity to evaluate and employ many new storage technologies. Technology that reduces their dependence on costly monolithic disk storage can save a mainframe customer considerable expense. Lower cost z/OS mainframe storage solutions, like the Luminex Virtual|BLUE 3990 disk controller, are an example of such technology," said Thomas J. Meehan, INNOVATION Vice President, Advanced Technology. “V|B 3990 is an attractive solution. It offers lower cost of disk storage by allowing mainframe customers economic alternatives to costly traditional enterprise storage systems.”

The INNOVATION FDRPAS Solution helps eliminate the barriers a customer faces when trying to move existing application data onto less costly V|B 3990 disk storage. Testing on Luminex hardware demonstrates the INNOVATION FDRPAS Solution for Non-Disruptive Data Migration will transparently relocate active mainframe z/OS disk volumes to open disk storage behind a V|B 3990 controller with no disruption to ongoing business processing.

FDRPAS data replication also provides flash copy like point in time copy data replication for the V|B 3990 controller. Employing the INNOVATION FDRINSTANT storage management suite and FDRPAS, together with the Luminex V|B 3990 disk controller, customers can lower their total cost of storage using less expensive modular disk storage while enjoying the benefits of non-disruptive data protection, backup and quick recovery from disk business continuity solution.

“On-demand customers increasingly see storage cost, non-disruptive backup and quick recovery becoming key, as they continue growing the amounts of data they must keep online,” said Arthur Tolsma, CEO, Luminex. “Luminex is excited to be working with INNOVATION, as together, we bring mainframe customers alternative solutions that pair our Virtual|BLUE 3990 controller with the INNOVATION FDRINSTANT and FDRPAS products to offer cost-effective options which increase data availability and recovery capabilities.”

About Innovation Data Processing

INNOVATION Data Processing, Little Falls NJ, INNOVATION Data Processing is a pioneer in delivering enterprise business data protection, business continuance and information life cycle management solutions that lead the business on demand market segment with a complement of well acknowledged products; the FDR® (Fast Dump Restore) Storage Management Suite for z/OS, the FDR/UPSTREAM® Storage Management Suite for Open Systems, z900 Unix and Linux on zServers, FATS®/FATAR™/FATSCOPY™, IAM® and IAM/IAMAIX.

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Luminex develops distinctive data storage products based upon proven technologies that tackle the complex challenges of storing, archiving, distributing and protecting data. Complemented by quality customer service, Luminex’s innovative products create real value for our customers. With a history in mainframe channel connectivity products, Luminex’s Virtual|BLUE product family bridges the gap between the mainframe enterprise and open systems world, thereby transforming the economics of mainframe storage. Luminex’s Data|WARE ™ product family enables customers to archive and distribute data on CD and DVD media.

Founded in 1994, Luminex is privately held and headquartered in Riverside, California, with additional offices in San Diego, California, and Beaverton, Oregon. Data|WARE and Virtual|BLUE products are available directly from Luminex and through selected partners worldwide. For more information about Luminex, please visit the Luminex website, email or call 1.951.781.4100.

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