Luminex Announces Power Scan&Ship™ Product Release

Riverside, CA, May 13, 2002 - Luminex Software, Inc. today announced the development and shipment of its new product, Power Scan&Ship. The Power Scan&Ship product lets a user automate the shipping process of delivering CDs to their customers, and interact with every major courier by using a single graphical user interface. Shipping personnel now only need to learn one interface instead of a different interface for each courier service.

Power Scan&Ship users can create Waybills and tracking numbers automatically and with ease. This new solution comes with a workstation, software and a scanner.

"Our new product will give customers the ability to capture significant savings in labor costs while increasing accuracy in their data delivery process," said Michael Saunders, President of Luminex. "We expect the market to respond very favorably to our breakthrough product," he added.

Power Scan&Ship will initially be launched as an add-on product to the company's Data/Ware CD product line, and will allow Data/Ware customers to integrate automated CD shipping and Waybill tracking into their CD production and distribution workflow.

Some of the Power Scan&Ship features include the ability to:

  • Automate CD shipping and handling
  • Interface directly with every major shipping company using a single GUI
  • Barcode your burned CDs
  • Automate the tracking of multi-volume and multi-copy CD sets to ensure they are kept as a 'set' before mailing
  • Scan the barcoded CDs into a database
  • Print a respective Waybill
  • Scan the Waybill number back into the database for subsequent customer tracking.

"Our Power Scan&Ship solution uses the latest in automation technology to maximize your efficiency and reliability," said Julie Filanc, product manager for Luminex. "Using barcodes and barcode readers to automatically create Waybills and tracking numbers will ensure error free shipping and handling while minimizing your labor costs."

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