LUMINEX’S Channel Gateway™ Mainframe Tape Encryption Solution is in Full Production at Leading Worldwide Financial Institutions

Recent Installation Secures Leading Financial Services Company’s Confidential Client Data!

BALTIMORE, MD—August 14, 2006—Luminex Software, Inc., a leading developer of mainframe channel gateway, connectivity and data storage products, announced today at the SHARE Technology Exchange Expo that its Channel Gateway 3400 mainframe tape encryption solution is continuing to be installed at leading worldwide financial institutions.  The Luminex Channel Gateway solution is a fabric-based mainframe tape encryption solution with no MIPS impact to the mainframe, no increase in the backup window and no new tape media requirements. 

A recent installation at a leading worldwide financial services company utilizes the NeoScale Systems, Inc. CryptoStor® Tape 702 encryption appliance with Global Key Management.  According to the financial services company’s IT Project Manager, “The Luminex and NeoScale mainframe tape encryption solution delivered on the high expectations that were set.  We are now encrypting tapes and protecting our customers’ sensitive data with no MIPS impact.  The solution was installed, extensively tested and implemented in full production without changes to our existing backup and recovery applications.”

Securing customer data and particularly data stored on removable tape media is a top priority for the financial industry.  After considering and seeing first-hand the MIPS impact of host-based encryption options, the financial services company turned to Luminex and NeoScale for a solution to deliver encrypted tapes without MIPS consumption. The company is now able to confidently secure its confidential and sensitive mainframe tape data utilizing their Sun (StorageTek) 9840C Fibre Channel tape drives, in their 9310 tape library.

“Luminex continues to provide enterprise-proven solutions to mainframe customers that address real world operational issues,” said Art Tolsma, Luminex’s CEO.  “The Luminex Channel Gateway 3400 delivers on our vision of Universal Storage Networking by enabling mainframe customers to use industry leading encryption appliances to secure their data with zero impact on mainframe cycles while leveraging the advantages of secure, enterprise-wide key management.” 

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Luminex develops and markets mainframe channel gateway, connectivity and data storage products.  Luminex products and technology are used worldwide by the leading companies in financial, technology, healthcare and other major industries.  Luminex’s Channel Gateways stream data from mainframe FICON and ESCON channels, at channel speed, to Fibre Channel fabrics and provide the ability to securely encrypt mainframe tape data for backup, archive, and distribution.  The Data|WARE™ Production CD/DVD product family enables customers to archive and distribute data on CD and DVD media for mainframe and network applications.  The Virtual|BLUE™ product family provides native connectivity from mainframes to open-systems servers and storage networks.

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