LUMINEX’S Channel Gateway™ Mainframe Virtual Tape Installed and Operational at Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.

Results in Faster Performance and Reduced 3490 Tape Management

RIVERSIDE, CA—March 20, 2007—Luminex Software, Inc., a leading developer of mainframe connectivity, channel gateway, storage and data distribution products, announced today that its Channel Gateway Virtual Tape System has been installed and is fully operational at Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd., Taiwan’s leading telecommunications service provider. Chunghwa Telecom installed the solution at its Central Taiwan Business Group (“CTBG”), which relies on its mainframe to process critical customer data, the key to their customer revenue. 

Chunghwa’s CTBG had been searching for ways to increase the efficiencies of their backup process.  Previously, they had utilized 3490 tape autoloaders and a StorageTek 9310 tape library with 3490E tape drives as its backup solution for its billing system.  However, the growing number of tapes made media management difficult, tape capacity was well under-utilized and risks of relying on obsolete 3490 tape technology were growing.

CTBG turned to the Luminex Channel Gateway Virtual Tape System.  The Channel Gateway appears as native 3490 tape drives to the mainframe and operates as a tape library, saving virtual tape data as disk-based files.  Thus, CTBG can now use open system storage to store their mainframe virtual tape data.  The results have been dramatic.  CTBG now stores its 15 Terabytes of tape data in a single standard computer rack, replacing 5 racks of the old tape loaders.  And the flexibility of the Channel Gateway eliminates the cartridge capacity issue where tape media space was wasted.  CTBG also takes advantage of the Import/Export feature to read or create native mainframe tapes by using a SCSI/FC tape drive connected the Channel Gateway server.  Operational requirements for 3490 tape technology were eliminated while maintaining the ability to distribute and receive 3490 mainframe tapes from other locations.

“Luminex Channel Gateway helps us leverage lower cost open system storage as virtual tape media, with great scalability and reliability.  It acts as a tape library, and is compatible with our DFSMS policies.  The most impressive point is that we could configure up to 128 native 3490 tape devices on an ESCON channel, and more bandwidth could be added by increasing the number of ESCON channels on the Channel Gateway server.  We did not need to invest in expensive tape devices and the Channel Gateway has greater operational flexibility,” stated Mr. Hsieh, Director, Host Division Marketing and Billing Center, CTBG.  Mr. Hsieh added, “We are very happy with the results.” 
“Our recent install at CTBG is strategically significant," stated Michael Saunders, Luminex's President.  “It demonstrates that large data centers worldwide are embracing the value proposition of the Channel Gateway to modernize their mainframe tape infrastructure, yielding operational benefits without changing their proven processes.”

The Channel Gateway Virtual Tape System is another example of Luminex’s innovative Universal Storage Networking™ solutions that open unlimited options for data storage, management, distribution and protection for mainframe enterprises. 

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