LUMINEX Works with Sun to Bring Innovative Virtual Tape Storage Solution to Mainframe Customers

The Sun Fire X4500 Server and Luminex Channel Gateway™ Software Deliver the Power of ZFS and Solaris 10 into the Mainframe Storage Arena

RIVERSIDE, Calif.—April 17, 2007—Luminex Software, Inc. today announced that it is working with Sun Microsystems to deliver a new virtual tape solution to the mainframe market. Available now, the new X4500 Data Server for Mainframes leverages Luminex’s Channel Gateway software to allow mainframe users to quickly and easily take advantage of the Sun Fire X4500 Server’s high data throughput, high storage density and highly available disk storage for mainframe tape and batch processing requirements. Mainframe users in the Government sector and the Distribution industry have already selected this breakthrough technology to improve tape-based batch processing and are experiencing overall improvement in total cost of ownership

The Sun Fire X4500 Data Server for Mainframes, which compliments the market leading VSM currently offered by Sun, is ideal for mainframe virtual tape applications for primary and operational data storage—allowing storing and accessing data stored on mainframe tape at disk-based speed with built-in ZFS data integrity and robust Solaris 10 reliability.

"The Sun Fire X4500 Data Server and Luminex Channel Gateway software combination brings the advanced features and functions of the Solaris 10 operating systems and ZFS file system to our mainframe customers," said Nigel Dessau, senior vice president of storage marketing and business operations, Sun Microsystems. "We know mainframe customers have unique and evolving storage requirements, and Sun is committed to delivering the latest functionality to meet those needs. This solution is a great way for mainframe customers to help immediately leverage the latest Sun advancements."

“The Sun Fire X4500 Storage Server is an industry changing storage platform," said Art Tolsma, Luminex CEO. "By combining the Sun Fire X4500 with our Channel Gateway software, customers get state-of-the-art storage value, capacity, performance and functionality to the mainframe data center. Really there's nothing in the industry today that comes close to matching it."

The Sun Fire X4500 Server brings together state-of-the-art server and storage technologies in a single box to deliver exceptional performance, reliability and capacity. The Sun Fire X4500 combines a four way x64 server with up to 48 disk drives and 24 TBs of storage in only 4 rack units. With its Sun Solaris 10 operating system, the industry’s most advanced open source operating system, it delivers high reliability and data integrity across extremely large data sets. In addition to its very competitive acquisition cost, the Sun Fire X4500 has lower environmental costs, saving the mainframe enterprise even more on life cycle costs.

The Channel Gateway virtual tape software is Luminex’s breakthrough product that enables mainframe users to unlock the proprietary boundaries that have kept the mainframe from leveraging the technology advancements available to open systems and network environments. With Luminex’s Channel Gateway Software, the Sun Fire X4500 Server can now be seamlessly accessed by FICON connectivity directly from the mainframe. FICON traffic is streamed at wire speed to the Sun Fire X4500 Data Server for Mainframes near-line, primary and operational data storage on disk, with no MIPS overhead, no bottlenecks and no impact to the mainframe.

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