Luminex and Decru Announce Availability of Direct-to-Tape Solution for Mainframe Tape Encryption

Luminex and Decru Complete Interoperability Qualification of Luminex Virtual|BLUE™ 3490 Mainframe Tape Gateway With Decru's DataFort FC-Series Storage Security Appliance

BOSTON, MA-August 22, 2005- Luminex Software, Inc., a leading developer of mainframe connectivity products, and Decru, Inc., the leader in storage security, announced today at the SHARE Technology Exchange Expo interoperability qualification of a direct-to-tape solution for mainframe tape encryption. Utilizing Luminex’s Virtual|BLUE 3490 mainframe tape gateway with Decru’s DataFort FC-series storage encryption appliance, this innovative solution directly attaches to the mainframe system and encrypts data stored on tape drives from leading open systems tape vendors. Mainframe users can now safely protect their business-critical tape data with this tape encryption protection solution.

Increasing government regulations mandating protection of business critical data and recent highly publicized instances of lost or stolen computer tapes have highlighted the need for secure protection of tape data. Data encryption offers the most effective solution for protecting tape content in the event of a loss. The Decru-Luminex solution offers mainframe customers a tape encryption solution, external to the mainframe, that transparently operates with existing mainframe backup applications to compress, encrypt, and digitally authenticate tape backups. As a result, mainframe customers avoid the time-consuming internal processing of internal encryption options, while efficiently protecting the data stored on tapes.

"Encrypting data on backup tapes has become a best practice for government and commercial enterprises alike," said Kevin Brown, vice president of marketing at Decru. "Decru's mission is to provide comprehensive data security for today's heterogeneous storage environments. Together, Decru and Luminex provide a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy solution to address security for mainframe backup data."

Decru DataFort FC-Series appliances enable hardware-based compression and encryption for data stored on backup tapes, and also support wire-speed encryption for disk. DataFort can be deployed transparently between the Virtual|BLUE 3490 appliance and open systems tape libraries, encrypting data as it is written to backup tapes. Decru's unique Lifetime Key ManagementT system securely automates and simplifies encryption key archiving, while ensuring data is always recoverable when and where it's needed. Decru is the only storage security company that offers a unified platform to secure data across the enterprise, including NAS, SAN, DAS, iSCSI and both open systems and mainframe tape environments.

"With this solution from Luminex and Decru, mainframe customers can deploy an industry recognized encryption solution to directly encrypt mainframe tape data," stated Brian Hawley, Luminex's CTO. "We are pleased to work with partners like Decru to continue to provide leading technologies and capabilities to mainframe customers."

The LuminexVirtual|BLUE 3490 mainframe tape gateway natively interfaces with the mainframe backup application and sends mainframe tape content directly to open systems tape drives. It supports two modes of operation: direct mode, to immediately transfer data to tape; and virtual tape mode, to store data for future archiving. Virtual|BLUE 3490 connects to the Decru DataFort storage security appliance via a SCSI or Fibre Channel connection.

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