Luminex Software, Inc. is First Chosen to Demonstrate Its Software with Sony's New FYLA CD-ROM Libraries

Riverside, CA - September 27, 1996 - Sony Electronics chose Luminex Software, Inc. to be the first software provider to demonstrate their new FYLA CD-ROM Libraries. Sony's FYLA CD-ROM Libraries were exhibited at Seybold running the Fire Series software by Luminex. Luminex demonstrated the Fire Series for UNIX high performance CD-ROM networkingsoftware along with its LSX SCSI expander. Brian Hawley, President at Luminex states, "We are excited to be chosen as the first company to publicly demonstrate its software with Sony's new FYLA CD-ROM Library line at Seybold."

In praise of Luminex's Fire Series, Les Inanchy, marketing manager for Sony Electronics' Integrated Storage Products Division said, "We look forward to working with Luminex, a leading technology developer in the CD networking industry. The integration of the Luminex Fire Series software and SCSI expander with Sony's CD-ROM Jukebox provides a quickstart solution for companies needing network access to CD-ROM libraries."

The demonstration at Seybold introduced the Sony FYLA CD-ROM Library along with Luminex's Fire Series software and LSX SCSI expander. The demonstration consisted of the FYLA library connected to an SGI workstation with Macintosh, Windows NT, and Windows 95 networked clients. The LSX expander allowed the multi-drive SCSI-based library to be supported using only a single SCSI ID. The Fire Series software allowed CD-ROM based image and video files to be exhibited seamlessly on the clients, without the clients even needing to know the files were in the FYLA library. The cross-platform compatibility, affordability, and standards of CD-ROM technology provide tremendous benefits to users in environments that need to share, store or distribute data quickly. Document imaging applications, such as legal, medical, scientific, and financial, as well as businesses that previously considered CD-ROM mass storage beyond their grasp canbenefit from the Luminex Fire Series.

The Fire Series product line is a complete range of affordable business solutions for networking CD-ROM drives in UNIX, NetWare and multi-protocol environments. The LSX expander is a patent-pending technology developed by Luminex to support seven CD-ROM drives as a single SCSI ID. This makes installation onto workstations and servers simple and easy, without the hassles and costs of adding additional host adapters. The advantage of having large amounts of data available to everyone on a network now is no longer restricted to large companies with large equipment budgets.

The Fire Series product line consists of high performance CD-ROM networking hardware and software solutions based on unique technology developed by Luminex. The hardware products include a wide range of CD-ROM towers, libraries and recording solutions. The networking software includes the Fire Series for UNIX, the Fire Series for NetWare, and the Fire Series MultiNet. Along with the Fire Series product line, Luminex is offering industry leading support, service and warranties.

Luminex was founded in April 1994 with a dedicated focus on developing and marketing high performance CD-ROM solutions. They have expertise in UNIX and multi-user product development and have extensive background in the expanding market of CD-ROM based technology. The Fire Series has been installed in over a dozen countries worldwide including several of the world's largest mission-critical, multi-terabyte CD-ROM databases. Luminex is located in Riverside, CA and can be contacted at (888) LUMINEX, by email at or on the web at

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