Luminex Announces the Shipping of Their New Four Drive, 100 Disc LSX-CDL-100 CD Library

Riverside, CA - November 26, 1996 - Luminex has started shipping their much anticipated, eagerly awaited LSX-CDL-100 CD-ROM library. The new library takes Luminex into a whole new level of performance and price. According to Brian Hawley, president at Luminex, "We expect that the LSX-CDL-100 will shape the market for all future CD-ROM libraries.The LSX-CDL-100 is priced as a low to mid range library, but performs like a high end one. It really combines the best of both worlds."

The initial installations of the LSX-CDL-100 demonstrate its flexibility to meet varying application requirements. Theseinclude high performance medical imaging systems, pre-press image servers, archive and retrieval systems in a governmentresearch facility, and internal CD networking in a multinational petroleum company. Also, the University of California,San Francisco will be demonstrating the LSX-CDL-100 along with the Fire Series software as part of a medical image serverat the Radiological Society of North America Annual Meeting from December 1 through 6.

The Luminex LSX-CDL-100 is offered as a complete CD-ROM networking solution. It includes a 100 disc, 4 drive library, aninternal Luminex patent-pending LSX SCSI expander, and Luminex's premier Fire Series software. The new 4 drive librarybrings the disc to drive ratio down to an impressive 25 to 1. The internal LSX SCSI expander means the entire libraryrequires only a single SCSI ID on the server. The new library is the perfect solution for networking reliable, highperformance CD-ROM and CD-R media. It is compact and convenient with five easily removable hand-sized 20 disc magazines.

The low disc to drive ratio and low price makes the LSX-CDL-100 an attractive choice for any application. The 25 to 1 disc todrive ratio offers mission critical applications the best performance available today. The drives can be field upgraded inminutes, so owners of the LSX-CDL-100 will continue to maintain their original investment in a high performance storagesolution with field upgrades to new drive speeds and drive technologies as they become available.

The LSX SCSI expander is a patent pending technology developed by Luminex to support seven SCSI devices as a singleSCSI ID, totally eliminating the need for extra SCSI expansion cards. The Luminex Fire Series software is highperformance CD-ROM networking software that is available for virtually every network environment.

The cross-platform compatibility and high standards of CD-ROM technology provide tremendous benefits toenvironments that need to share, store or distribute data quickly. Because of the reliable CD-ROM media, quick access time, upgradeability, and ease of expansion on an existing network or server, the LSX-CDL-100 is not only a viable option foropen system servers, but a necessity for file storage.

Luminex was founded in April 1994 with a dedicated focus on developing and marketing high performance CD-ROMsolutions. They are UNIX and multi-user product development experts, and have extensive background in the expandingmarket of CD-ROM based technology. The Fire Series has been installed in over a dozen countries worldwide includingseveral of the world's largest mission-critical, multi-terabyte CD-ROM databases. Luminex is located in Riverside, CA andcan be contacted at (888) LUMINEX, by email at or on the web at

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