Luminex Announces Their New LSX-CDL-100 Recordable Field Upgradeable CD-R Library

Riverside, CA - March 11, 1997 - Luminex has announced availability of their new LSX-CDL-100 Recordable field upgradeable CD-R library. The 100 disc library features three CD-ROM drives, and one quad-speed CD-Recorder. The integrated CD-Recorder provides for fully automated recording of CD-R discs, allowing the recorded CD-R disc to immediately be available to users of the library. The entire library requires only a single SCSI ID on the server. According to Brian Hawley, President at Luminex, "The LSX-CDL-100 Recordable library when combined with the Fire Series software provides unique ease of use for creating and managing CDs in a high performance network environment. This combination from Luminex shows our continuing leadership in bringing CD storage solutions to market."

The integrated quad-speed recorder allows a CD to be burned in 15 minutes, while the library remains fully accessible to other network clients. The library uses standard tray-loading drives without any modification, which allows for easy field upgradeability by the end user, to DVD and other new drive technologies as they become available.

The Luminex LSX-CDL-100 Recordable library is delivered as a complete CD-R and CD-ROM networking solution. It includes a 100 disc, 3 reader/1 recorder library, an internal Luminex patent-pending LSX SCSI expander, and Luminex's premier Fire Series software. The MSRP of the entire library solution is $16,995, and is available for delivery in March.

The Fire Series Recording solution provides for automating the process of creating CDs by transparently managing blank CD-R media, providing a simple process for adding and removing CDs from the library, and simultaneously providing high performance network access to CD-ROMs in the library.

The cross-platform compatibility offered by the Luminex Fire Series software provides tremendous benefits to heterogeneous environments that need to share, store or distribute data quickly. The Fire Series allows Windows, Macintosh, and NetWare clients to use the library as if it were a native server of that individual platform. The combination of field upgradeability, heterogeneous protocol support, and industry standards make the LSX-CDL-100 Recordable an investment that will continue to provide benefits in the future.

The internal LSX SCSI expander enables the entire library to require only a single SCSI ID on the server. The expander is a patent pending technology developed by Luminex to support seven SCSI devices as a single SCSI ID, eliminating the need for extra SCSI expansion cards. The Luminex Fire Series software is high performance CD-ROM networking software that supports virtually every network environment from SUN, SGI, HP, and IBM servers.

Luminex was founded in April 1994 with a dedicated focus on developing and marketing high performance CD-ROM solutions. They are UNIX and multi-protocol product development experts, and have extensive background in the expanding market of CD-ROM based technology. The Fire Series has been installed in over a dozen countries worldwide including several of the world's largest mission-critical, multi-terabyte CD-ROM databases. Luminex is located in Riverside, CA and can be contacted at (888) LUMINEX, by email at or by its web site at

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