Luminex and Xinet Announce the Ability to Record Macintosh HFS CD-ROMs from a UNIX Server

Riverside, CA - September 30, 1997 - Luminex together with Xinet, announces the availability of the world's first commercial product to record a true Macintosh HFS CD from a UNIX server. Luminex is a leader in CD-ROM based mass storage solutions. Xinet is a leader in UNIX to Macintosh connectivity solutions. By combining the leading technologies from both companies, customers are able to benefit from this unique solution. The CD recording product from Luminex is available in both stand-alone and library based configurations.

Xinet's FullPressÆ is the leading prepress server solution which enables Macintosh users to store their native files seamlessly on a high performance UNIX server. Luminex has leveraged the capabilities of Xinet's FullPress and K-AShare to develop a unique product that creates true Macintosh HFS CDs from the UNIX server. This CD, when used on a standard Macintosh, maintains all the native Macintosh filesystem information such as finder resources, thumbnail icons and Macintosh file names.

Bill Covington, Director of Technology at Lasertech Color states, "The ability to read and create true Mac HFS formatted CDs from the server is a great benefit. I look forward to continuing to work with both Luminex and Xinet for leading prepress solutions."

Scott Seebass, Xinet's CEO says, "We believe working with Luminex will benefit our customers. Users of Luminex and Xinet now have the flexibility of reading and writing native Macintosh HFS CD-ROMs from their UNIX server. By centralizing the distribution of native Macintosh data, users will cut down on network traffic and be able to more quickly burn Macintosh CD-ROMs for easy distribution of data to clients."

"Xinet is well recognized as a solid company with great products," says Arthur Tolsma, Director of Business Development at Luminex. "I am encouraged by the opportunities to work with Xinet in developing and marketing our CD library and recording solutions to meet their customer needs."

Xinet has been developing and marketing UNIX to Macintosh connectivity solutions since 1985. The company specializes in client/server solutions that allow Macintosh and UNIX systems to work together efficiently and reliably. For additional information, contact Xinet at 510-845-0555, by email at, or on the web at

Luminex was founded in April 1994 with a dedicated focus on developing and marketing high performance CD-ROM solutions. They have expertise in UNIX and multi-user product development and have extensive background in the expanding market of CD-ROM based technology. The Fire Series has been installed in over a dozen countries worldwide including several of the world,s largest mission-critical, multi-terabyte CD-ROM databases. Luminex is located in Riverside, CA and can be contacted at (888) LUMINEX , by email at or by its web site at

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