TeraStor Announces Alliance with Luminex to Broaden UDF Support for Removeable Storage Systems

TeraStor and Luminex Will Develop and Promote UDF Support for Large Removable Storage Systems

SAN JOSE, Calif. - December 14, 1998 - TeraStor Corporation today announced an alliance with Luminex Software, Inc. (Luminex), Riverside, Calif., to develop and promote Luminex's UDF (Universal Disk Format)-compliant UNIX file system and device management software solutions in conjunction with its Near Field Recording (NFR) drives. UDF support enables customers using UNIX file systems incorporating NFR drives to easily interchange files and port data across multiple platforms.

TeraStor and Luminex will develop and promote a range of software products designed to meet customer requirements for using, networking, and managing large removable storage devices. This comprehensive range of software solutions will provide users of NFR drives with a uniform means of data interchange that minimizes the cost and complexity of sharing and networking stored information across multiple operating systems.

Luminex has recently announced a partnership and co-development agreement with MDI to support and promote its UDF-compliant UNISON technology. UNISON technology was developed by MDI to enable users of removable storage media to easily exchange data that has been created on multiple platforms. TeraStor also has a strategic alliance with Micro Design International (MDI) to develop and promote UNISON software. The strategic alliance between TeraStor and Luminex is designed to broaden UDF support and provide a range of interoperable solutions to users of NFR drives.

The Optical Storage Technology Association's (OSTA) UDF standard is a universal vendor-independent file system for data interchange and portability that allows an operating system to access (read/write/modify) data that was created by another operating system. It is a component of, and is fully compliant with, the International Standards Organization (ISO) interchange standard for non-sequential recording of data, known as ISO 13346.

"TeraStor partnered with Luminex because of its proven experience in UNIX file system and device management software for removable random access storage and its commitment to the UDF standard," said Amyl Ahola, president and COO of TeraStor. "This partnership demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with robust solutions for NFR disk drives that enable network access and file interchange across different operating systems."

The partnership between TeraStor and Luminex will broaden UDF software support for UNIX-based systems incorporating NFR drives, said Arthur Tolsma, Director of Business Development at Luminex. We are confident the TeraStor NFR-based drives and libraries will make a significant impact and this partnership demonstrates our commitment to deliver leading removable media storage solutions to our customers.

About NFR Technology

Developed by TeraStor, NFR technology will provide the industry's highest-capacity, random access removable products at a lower cost compared to existing tape and magneto-optical (MO)-based storage products. In addition, NFR technology offers a capacity advantage that is sustainable well into the future. The first NFR removable product family from TeraStor supports either 10GB or 20GB capacities. The 10GB and 20GB drives will address the storage requirements of professional industries, such as medical imaging, desktop publishing, CAD/CAM, multimedia and graphic design, and also meet the needs of enterprise online backup and archiving and automated, library solutions.

About Luminex

Luminex was founded in 1994 with a dedicated focus on developing and marketing high performance CD and digital storage solutions. The company specializes in UNIX and network-based product development, and has extensive background in the expanding market of removable media technology. The Luminex Fire Series software has a worldwide installed base including several of the world's largest mission-critical, multi-terabyte CD-ROM databases. Luminex is located in Riverside, CA and can be contacted by phone at 951/781-4100, by email at info@luminex.com or by its web site at www.luminex.com.

About TeraStor

TeraStor Corporation is developing revolutionary, high capacity, high-performance, random access storage products based on its proprietary Near Field Recording (NFR) technology. NFR technology will enable the Company's products to achieve the industry's highest areal densities at a lower cost per gigabyte than competitive products. The first NFR-based products from TeraStor will be available in 1999. Headquartered in California, the Company's offices are located at 2310 North First Street, San Jose, CA 95131; telephone: (408) 914-4000; fax: (408) 914-4008. For the most up-to-date information about TeraStor or its NFR technology, visit the Company's web site at www.terastor.com.

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