Luminex is Now Shipping Version 2 of Fire Series CD Library Management Software

Riverside, CA - December 15, 1998 - Luminex announced today that Fire Series version 2 is now shipping to customers. The Fire Series CD Library management software is fully multi-threaded, for high performance multi-user access to networked CDs. The Fire Series version 2 also includes a wide range of installation and configuration features to simplify networking CDs from a UNIX server.

Fire Series version 2 unifies several years of customer requested features. The enhanced architecture allows completely parallel access to multiple drives, and multiple libraries, without the normal delays associated with other robotic library management solutions. The superior performance of the software opens up previously untapped markets for CD storage and enables CD libraries to take a substantial bite out of market segments which have been primarily the realm of expensive and complicated storage solutions.

The Fire Series is available for a wide range of UNIX servers and supports virtually all types of network clients. Luminex has demonstrated its commitment to high performance CD storage solutions with this release, and continues to increase its market leadership position as the only UNIX focused CD storage vendor.

The Fire Series product line is now in its fifth year of production. According to Brian Hawley, President, Many software design models were prototyped and the best of each were taken to deliver the scaleable performance, quality, and ease of maintenance that we required. The multi-user concurrent performance derived from the software allows the full potential of multi-drive libraries to be realized.

Luminex was founded in 1994 with a dedicated focus on developing and marketing high performance CD and digital storage solutions. The company specializes in UNIX and network-based product development, and has extensive background in the expanding market of CD based technology. The Luminex Fire Series software has a worldwide installed base including several of the world's largest mission-critical, multi-terabyte CD-ROM databases. Luminex is located in Riverside, CA and can be contacted by phone at 951/781-4100, by email at or by its web site at

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