Luminex Announces NET-DVD UNIX Based DVD-RAM Recording Solution

Riverside, CA - MAY 19, 1999 - Luminex Software, Inc. today announced the availability of its NET-DVD network enabled DVD-RAM recording solution. The NET-DVD is based on the leading Fire Series for UNIX software and NET-CDR product and provides automated DVD based archiving, data distribution, and duplication. The NET-DVD technology was originally developed for Luminex's popular DVD-RAM library configurations. The product is now available in a stand-alone configuration to meet customer's needs for local and network based DVD recording without requiring library technology.

Brian Hawley, President at Luminex says, "Luminex continues to demonstrate its technology leadership and commitment to our customers through this DVD-RAM recording product. Satisfying customer demands and leading technology make Luminex an industry leader in CD and DVD based storage and archiving solutions."

The NET-DVD recording solution automates the network based recording process. Any local or remote directory accessible from the UNIX server can be recorded to DVD-RAM. The NET-DVD product supports recording and retrieval of ISO 9660, Rockridge, Joliet, and Macintosh HFS formatted DVD-RAM discs.

The NET-DVD solution may be used in virtually every network environment by supporting SUN, SGI, HP, and IBM servers. The cross-platform compatibility offered by the Luminex Fire Series provides tremendous benefits to heterogeneous environments that need to share, archive, or distribute data quickly. The Fire Series is administered and used by any network client with an internet browser.

The NET-DVD solution includes everything necessary to record DVD-RAM discs from a UNIX server. It is available for immediate delivery, with a MSRP of $6,995.

Luminex is an industry leader in developing and marketing removable media storage solutions. Luminex develops server based archiving, networking, and data distribution solutions focused on leveraging CD, DVD, and other random-access removable media technologies. The Luminex Fire Series software has a worldwide installed base including several of the world's largest internet-enabled, multi-terabyte CD-ROM databases. Luminex is located in Riverside, CA and can be contacted by phone at 951/781-4100, by email at or by its web site at

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