Luminex Announces CD and DVD Library and Recording Solutions Are Now Available on Linux

Riverside, CA - August 31, 1999 - Luminex Software, Inc. today announced that it has added Linux support to its industry-leading CD and DVD Library management and recording software. The addition of Linux as a supported server platform opens new markets and provides greater flexibility for the Luminex product line.

The Fire Series library management software and the HOTfolders automated archiving software are now available on the Linux operating system. These software product lines are a central component of the leading DVD-Power-100 and CDR-Power-100 library solutions, and the NET-DVD and NET-CDR network recording solutions.

"Linux is capturing market share as a corporate server operating system, and we have responded to our customer requirements to provide our solutions on Linux", according to Brian Hawley, President of Luminex. "Our customers now have an additional option when configuring their storage systems using our leading CD and DVD solutions."

Linux is an important server platform in two key markets for the Luminex solutions. First, the Luminex library solutions are perfect for cost-effectively and securely providing internet and remote-office access to large volumes of data. Linux has become recognized as a strong web server platform in providing these internet access services to corporate data sets. Using Linux servers and the Luminex library solutions together is a natural fit.

The Luminex library and network recording solutions are also used by customers as network storage solutions for archiving, data distribution, and network retrieval of large data sets. Linux has become increasingly popular as a "server appliance" platform for managing storage on any network. Now, based on the scalability and flexibility of the Linux operating system, a high-powered, fully functional network storage server for the Luminex solutions can be created quickly and cost-effectively for networking the Luminex CD and DVD solutions.

Luminex is an industry leader in developing and marketing removable media storage solutions. Luminex develops server based archiving, networking, and data distribution solutions focused on leveraging CD, DVD, and other random-access removable media technologies. The Luminex Fire Series software has a worldwide installed base including several of the world's largest Internet-enabled, multi-terabyte CD-ROM databases. Luminex is located in Riverside, CA and can be contacted by phone at 951/781-4100, by email at or by its web site at

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