Luminex Announces Power-Press™ Product Line of CD Duplication and Printing Solutions

Riverside, CA ‚ October 15, 1999 - Luminex announced today the Power-Press product line of network ready, multi-user CD duplication and printing solutions. The Power-Press product line is a range of CD-R publishing solutions to seamlessly create and label CDs for distribution and offline archiving.

The Power-Press software uses advanced job queuing methods that enables a network client to treat a Power-Press as if it were a networked printer. Network clients simply drag and drop file folders into a "hot folder" and the software automatically queues and executes the entire process with no additional user input. Finished recording jobs are labeled and placed in the output bin. The solution will even send email when the job is complete. Supported CD formats are Mac HFS, Rockridge, Joliet and ISO 9660. The solutions are a complete package of hardware and software, including the popular Luminex HOTfolders archiving software that enables network-based users to easily create and label custom discs.

"The Power-Press is a significant addition to the Luminex product lines," according to Brian Hawley, President of Luminex. "We are very excited about our ability to meet the growing requirements for a network ready multi-user friendly CD duplication and distribution solution by leveraging our proven CD and DVD library technologies."

Simplicity is a key design feature of the product line. The Power-Press solution requires no client interface. Network clients can simply drag and drop the data they want to distribute or archive into a HOTfolder and pick up the labeled media when it is finished. With this easy to use solution, data archival and distribution is now an uncomplicated process. The Power-Press solution can be used by in a wide range of application environments including prepress, asset management, software distribution, billing statements, and many more.

The Power-Press product line directly connects to a UNIX or Linux server and supports Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX clients. The first product in the product line is the CDR-Power-Press-4 which includes four 8X CD-Recorders, robotics, and an integrated color CD label printer. Blank CDR media is easily bulk-loaded, and the recorded, labeled media is collected in an output bin for easy access.

The HOTfolders archiving software automates the real world archiving process for creating, networking, duplicating, and distributing data on CD and DVD media. Network clients simply copy and move files and folders from within their application or file manager to a network archiving directory. The HOTfolders software transparently manages the process of creating and duplicating the CDs.

Luminex was founded in 1994 with a dedicated focus on developing and marketing high-performance digital storage solutions. The company specializes in UNIX and network-based product development, and has extensive background in the expanding market of removable media technology. The Luminex Fire Series software has a worldwide installed base including several of the world's largest mission-critical, multi-terabyte CD-ROM databases. Luminex is located in Riverside, CA and can be contacted by phone at 951/781-4100, by email at or by its web site at

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