Customer Driven Solutions and Products

Customer Driven Solutions and Products

Our customers and partners continue to drive Luminex innovation and technical roadmaps

Luminex Channel Gateways are used in mainframe data centers of all sizes and all major industries to improve every aspect of mainframe tape use. Luminex customers have enjoyed the benefits of these virtual tape control units for years. In fact, customers and business partners frequently share their experience at the leading mainframe trade shows and conferences, such as SHARE, WAVV and others, because they’ve found a better way to manage mainframe tape and they recognize that their peers can also benefit from their experience.

Since 1994, Luminex has combined its technical leadership and innovation, with current and emerging customer requirements and insight. Luminex is one of very few companies who will listen to customer or partner requirements and provide an off-the-shelf solution or consider further development or customization to meet the new requirements.

A few examples of where Luminex innovation and customer or partner requirements have merged is reflected in the Replication Monitor, Luminex Tape Monitor and Synchronous Copy solutions detailed below.

Replication Monitoring (RepMon™)

When the financial industry required advanced monitoring capability for the storage systems attached to the Channel Gateways, Luminex developed these enhancements and provided advanced real-time monitoring of virtual tape data writes and replication to remote disaster recovery sites, using RepMon.

Luminex Tape Monitoring (LTMon™)

Through LTMon, Luminex responded to requirements from strategic government agencies to bring mainframe console integration to Channel Gateway virtual tape solutions for advanced monitoring, reporting and management.

Synchronous Replication (SyncCopy™)

Insight and use cases from key storage partners and their global accounts enabled Luminex to further develop and enhance its synchronous copy capability. SyncCopy enforces tape data consistency across replicated storage systems with remote status monitoring of tape availability and integrity.

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