Luminex Sessions at SHARE Orlando, August 2011

Learn from Experts and End Users

SHARE Technology Exchange Expo

Walt Disney World
Dolphin Resort
Orlando, Florida
August 7-12, 2011
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SHARE Technology Exchange Expo

Lunch & Learn

Tues., Aug. 9th
12:15 PM to 1:15 PM
Room: Oceanic 4

Channel Gateway Mainframe Virtual Tape: Setting the Standards

Learn directly from mainframe data center users why disk-based Channel Gateway mainframe virtual tape makes sense for all mainframe data applications, including production data, archiving, backup and disaster recovery. Disk-based mainframe virtual tape allows mainframe enterprises to share a common data management system and infrastructure for both mainframe data as well as open systems data, vastly simplifying enterprise operations. Equally applicable for both large and small data centers, disk-based mainframe virtual tape with replication allows mainframe enterprises to realize the substantial cost savings from eliminating or reducing physical tape. Current case studies of organizations that have successfully implemented disk-based mainframe virtual tape will be presented.

Conference Session

Wed., Aug. 10th
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Room: Europe 7

Customer Panel—The Benefits of Tapeless Mainframe Virtual Tape

Learn how Modern Mainframe Virtual Tape takes the risks and uncertainties out of mainframe data management and storage. Mainframe users will discuss how they have leveraged Luminex's Channel Gateways improve their backup window with replication, realized significant cost savings while improving performance, and reduced or eliminated physical tape. This panel discussion will present their real-world experiences and results achieved from adopting Luminex's customer-proven, disk-based mainframe virtual tape technologies.

Vendor Session

Wed., Aug. 10th
1:30 PM to 2:30 PM
Room: Europe 3

Mainframe Tape Migration—You Can't Go Tapeless Without It!

Many datacenters look to enjoy the benefits of replacing an existing and aging tape infrastructure with modern disk-based virtual tape solutions. An often overlooked component of this process is migrating all the physical and virtual tapes from the existing infrastructure to the new one. Luminex delivers an elegant solution of software and services to make this process seamless, non-disruptive, auditable, and most importantly, successful. Real customer case studies from those who have migrated 100s of thousand of tapes will be presented.

Conference Session

Wed., Aug. 10th
4:30 PM to 5:45 PM
Room: Oceanic 4

Virtual Tape Replication Multi-Vendor Panel Discussion

Some call it Replication, some call it Peer-to-Peer and some call it Grid; whatever it is called the ability to have your Virtual Tape system duplexed offsite is now possible even for small and medium size shops. This session will be a large (and long) panel discussion with multiple vendors including IBM, Oracle/STK, EMC/Bustech, HDS, Luminex, CA and Secure Agent. If you want to find our what your many options are (TCP/IP versus channel extenders; compression versus de-duplication) then you need to attend this session.

Conference Session

Fri., Aug. 12th
8:00 AM to 9:00 AM
Room: Europe 7

Mainframe Tape Without Tapes—Users Share Their Perspectives

Luminex, together with mainframe datacenter representatives, will
provide real world examples of how this dynamic, customer-proven technology is replacing physical tape, saving critical floorspace and saving costs while improving performance and data security. Users will share their perspectives on how they have employed this technology to improve their disaster recovery and business continuity operations as well as all other parts of their mainframe tape infrastructure—production & batch operations, archive & compliance and data sharing.