Continuous Availability for Mainframe Virtual Tape

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Leon learns about Synchronous Tape Matrix…

What will it mean for William?

After discovering that William is looking to make changes to his mainframe environment, Leon investigates a solution with the help of a trusted advisor.

Industry Leading, Enterprise-Class Mainframe Virtual Tape Solutions

Luminex Mainframe Virtual Tape (MVT) solutions are based on CGX control unit technology that enables enterprise-class storage systems to be Fibre Channel or NAS attached, providing up to PBs of virtual tape storage capacity. These disk-based virtual tape solutions are application transparent and can be configured to support mainframe data centers of all sizes.

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Channel Gateway X Features Push Button DR: Simplified, Yet Powerful Disaster Recovery Unlimited Virtual Tape Capacity DataStream Intelligence optimized deduplication and compression for storage and replication bandwidth savings Tape Migration Software and Services CGX: Modern Mainframe Virtual Tape Luminex Replication LTMon: Console Integration RepMon: Replication Monitor CGSafe: Encryption and Key Management Synchronous Tape Matrix CloudTAPE: Cloud Storage for Mainframes 8 Gb FICON at wire speed!