CGX: The Fastest, Most Advanced Mainframe Virtual Tape Solution... Ever

CGX: Channel Gateway X

Next Generation Mainframe Virtual Tape Solutions

Luminex CGXs are mainframe virtual tape (MVT) controllers that enable enterprise storage systems, such as NAS (NFS) or SAN/Fibre Channel storage from Hitachi Vantara, NetApp, IBM, HP, Dell EMC Data Domain, Oracle, INFINIDAT, Quantum, NEC and others to be used for TBs or PBs of virtual tape storage capacity. These disk-based virtual tape solutions are application transparent and can be configured for entry-to-large mainframe data centers.

CGX offers 16 Gb/s FICON connectivity to achieve mainframe tape I/O throughput at wire speed, setting new performance standards for FICON throughput. Now, mainframe data centers can use fewer FICON channels, lower cost and achieve higher FICON throughput to improve all aspects of tape operations.

CGX provides a gateway between the mainframe and distributed enterprise resources, such as storage systems, cloud services and Big Data systems, over secure and efficient mainframe native I/O channels.

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CGX virtual tape solutions have been used to replace tape drives, tape libraries and limited virtual tape cache products for years. In most cases, customers use the solution for batch processing, HSM/archiving, backup and remote disaster recovery. Typically, the gateways are deployed at the customer’s production site and a remote disaster recovery site (Internal or third party DR site) and RPOs and RTOs are achieved and significantly improved by using remote replication of virtual tape data, eliminating the limitations that physical tape imposes on disaster recovery planning, testing and execution.

Typical Channel Gateway Disaster Recovery configruation

Typical CGX disaster recovery configuration.