CGX: The Fastest, Most Advanced Mainframe Virtual Tape Solution... Ever

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will a new Luminex solution be compatible with our operating system, Tape Management System (TMS) and tape applications?

Yes, Channel Gateway solutions are application transparent, so existing mainframe tape applications, TMS and mainframe operating systems, including zOS, VM, VSE and OS390 are compatible and supported. The gateways are configured in the mainframe’s IOGEN/IOCP as a range of 3490 or 3590 tape drives.

2. How should we migrate old tapes to the new solution?

Luminex Tape Migration Tools and Services are available to migrate your data from the old tape cartridges to the new Luminex virtual tape solution. Our tape migration engineers will provide pre-sales consulting, assessment services, an implementation plan and a Statement of Work. They will migrate your data and assist you with the cut-over to the new solution.

3. How much FICON, ESCON throughput or disk capacity is required?

Virtual Tape Subject Matter Experts are available to review your requirements and provide preliminary sizing recommendations for throughput and capacity. Also, our Tape Analysis Team can provide a more thorough analysis using RMF, TMC or SMF records and share our recommendations.

4. Are compression, deduplication or other features useful for our environment?

There are several factors that determine whether compression, deduplication or both will be useful in the new virtual tape environment. These factors include remote disaster recovery plans, remote replication requirements, virtual tape storage capacity available, network speed and bandwidth available and more. Our Subject Matters Experts are available to share best practices for your particular environment.

5. How much network bandwidth is required for remote replication?

Our team can assist with the network bandwidth estimates. The backup size, backup window and available network bandwidth are some of the key factors we’ll consider.

6. Which disk storage vendors can we use with disk-based virtual tape?

Channel Gateways have been used and customer proven in the most demanding, business and mission critical customer environments worldwide. The gateways (mainframe virtual tape control units) are combined with NAS, FC or internal storage systems from HP, Hitachi Vantara, Dell EMC, EMC Data Domain, Oracle, IBM, NetApp and others to provide extraordinary solutions with TBs or PBs of virtual tape storage capacity.

7. How have other customers reduced or eliminated physical tape use?

Channel Gateway users have significantly reduced tape use and many have eliminated physical tape use completely. Several IT managers have shared their experience at industry conferences such as SHARE and WAVV. Reference calls with these customers can be scheduled through Luminex Sales at

8. Can we speak with customers that have implemented new virtual tape solutions?

Yes, customer reference calls can be scheduled through Luminex Sales at

9. How can we reduce the overall cost of tape operations?

Listed below is a preliminary list of targets for cost reductions. Luminex is available to prepare a complete Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) report as needed. TCO assistance is available at

  • Tape Media
  • Tape Shipping
  • Off-site Tape Storage
  • Tape Maintenance for Existing Tape Products
  • 3rd Party Disaster Recovery Site & Services
  • Electrical & Cooling
  • Computer Room Real Estate

10. Is competitive pricing available for the new solution?

Yes, disk-based virtual tape solutions typically cost less, compared to products that have virtual tape cache with physical tape and tape libraries. Pricing is available at