CGSafe Encryption and Key Management


Encryption and Key Management for Channel Gateway

For enterprises that require the security of encryption and key management for their disk-based virtual tape, Luminex has once again demonstrated its leadership and innovation by offering extraordinary options for securing tape data. Our Channel Gateway encryption and key management solutions offer unprecedented security and key management options for customers that require tapeless mainframe solutions.

Security and Efficiency at Every Step

  • Better than simple self encrypting drives, data remains encrypted for all local or wide area network traffic, including replication
  • Integrates into existing key management infrastructure for a single-point-of-management
  • Compression, authentication, CRC and encryption in a single operation
CGSafe configuration for mainframe virtual tape

CGSafe is available with Luminex Channel Gateway virtual tape solutions. It enables mainframe customers to maximize data security by encrypting all tape data before storing it on the virtual tape storage target. When data is sent via the mainframe's FICON or ESCON channel, it is encrypted using 256-bit AES-GCM and optionally compressed, providing encryption, authentication, CRC and compression in a single operation. The solution is configurable for auto-hardware-to-software encryption failover and will provide alerts to the IT operations staff

To further increase security and reduce the complexity associated with key management, Luminex provides key management solutions within the Channel Gateway or via the industry's leading key serving appliances to provide data or key encryption keys. The key servers comply with the OASIS Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP). These solutions enable customers to manage symmetric and asymmetric keys, key policies, key servers and data access. The Channel Gateway keystore is protected with AES keys and threshold key algorithms.

With CGSafe, keys are protected and tape data is always available to authorized users only. It enables authorized users to scale the management of keys and key generation and import, export, delete or expire keys based on set policies and best practices.

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