Luminex High Performance Virtual Tape with Hitachi Storage Systems

Solution Overview

When mainframe customers need to replace aging physical tape, tape libraries or virtual tape disk cache to improve their mainframe tape operations, they require the latest advancements in high performance, highly available virtual tape solutions.

Since 2006, mainframe customers have used Luminex Channel Gateway virtual tape control units with Hitachi storage systems. Hitachi storage combines high performance and capacity with its highly available, No Single Point of Failure (NSPOF) architecture.

Hitachi storage is the perfect complement to Luminex's enhanced version of its virtual tape product, Channel Gateway X, (CGX) the industry’s first control unit to provide wire-speed FICON connectivity for mainframe tape I/O throughput. Now, mainframe data centers can use fewer FICON channels, lower cost and achieve higher FICON throughput to improve all aspects of tape operations

This extraordinary solution with Luminex control units and Hitachi storage has combined best of breed products to meet the requirements of mainframe data centers of all sizes.

Tape workloads for batch processing, HSM and archiving are dramatically improved by accessing tape data at virtual tape (disk) speed instead of waiting for slower tape drives or mechanical tape library robotics.

Backup and recovery is improved by compressing data to reduce the storage used and replicating this tape data electronically over WANs to remote disaster recovery sites. So the delays and cost associated with physical tape media, storage, shipping, tape drive and tape library maintenance is eliminated.

Data Sheets

Typical Channel Gateway disaster recovery configuration with Hitachi Vantara Enterprise Storage

Typical CGX disaster recovery configuration with Hitachi Vantara Enterprise Storage