LTMon: Luminex Tape Monitor

LTMon: Luminex Tape Monitor

Mainframe Console Integration for Luminex Mainframe Virtual Tape (MVT™) Solutions

LTMon software is a z/OS started task which enables your mainframe operations staff to monitor and display messages and initiate commands to Luminex Channel Gateways (virtual tape control units) and storage systems directly from the mainframe's master console.

LTMon provides integrated and centralized management for the complete virtual tape solution with a native mainframe console, including such items as alerts for hard disk errors, capacity reporting, and scratch tape management.

LTMon: Luminex Tape Monitor
  • Single point of management: The mainframe console
  • Monitor and display messages for Channel Gateways and attached storage systems
  • Initiate commands to Channel Gateways and attached storage systems
  • Ideal for high security environments: No network connectivity required

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