RepMon: Replication Monitor


Replication Monitoring and Logging at the VOLSER Level

Luminex's Replication Monitor (RepMon) for Channel Gateway provides real-time status monitoring and logging for mainframe virtual tape (MVT) replication at the VOLSER level.

Data centers can audit replication between Channel Gateway-attached storage systems, as it occurs, with the RepMon display or review recent activity from RepMon logs. This data can be used for replication performance monitoring or for determining data integrity and synchronization point auditing during the disaster recovery (DR) process.

Disaster Recovery Auditing

In the event of a real or simulated disaster, mainframe operators can be automatically alerted by email with logs detailing every VOLSER that was in mid-replication during the event. The listed VOLSERs can then be processed according to each data center's DR policies. Log files can also be written to the local RepMon host, ensuring availability should email be affected by an event or if security policies restrict email use.

RepMon: Replication Monitor for Channel Gateway Mainframe Virtual Tape Solutions

Multiple RepMon clients can monitor replication between Luminex Channel Gateway Mainframe Virtual Tape systems on the local network or remotely.

Replication Performance Monitoring

Replication performance monitoring can aid in the process of fine tuning replication policies for an optimal balance between recovery point objectives (RPOs) and network bandwidth capacity. RepMon displays a running total of replicated VOLSERs and their average replication time. For greater detail, RepMon also logs the dates and times for the start and end of each VOLSER replication, allowing operators to analyze the replication performance of specific VOLSERs, or a range, over a period of time.

Flexible and Efficient

RepMon installs on any host with Java and IP connectivity to one or more Channel Gateways. Replication status can be monitored on multiple hosts locally or remotely. The display offers filtering and sorting by VOLSER, gateway and replication status, allowing operators to gather information efficiently in real-time or from log files.

RepMon provides an additional layer of supervision and accountability that allows mainframe data centers to replicate virtual tape with greater confidence and respond to disaster events more efficiently.

RepMon: Replication Monitor for Channel Gateway Mainframe Virtual Tape Solutions

The RepMon display allows operators to filter and sort by VOLSER, gateway or replication status, and provides running totals of replicated VOLSERs and their average replication time.

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