RepMon: Replication Monitor


Replication Monitoring and Logging at the VOLSER Level

Included with Luminex Replication, Replication Monitor (RepMon) for MVT and CGX provides real-time status monitoring and logging for mainframe virtual tape replication at the VOLSER level. For Cloud or object storage replication targets, RepMon also includes CloudTAPE Dashboard for monitoring remote tiering status and tape object metadata.

Data centers can audit replication between MVTs, MVT Vaults and Cloud storage providers, as it occurs, with the RepMon and CloudTAPE Dashboard displays, or review recent activity from RepMon logs. This data can be used for replication performance monitoring, auditing Cloud storage status, or for determining data integrity and synchronization point auditing during the disaster recovery (DR) process.

Disaster Recovery Auditing

In the event of a real or simulated disaster, mainframe operators can be automatically alerted by email with logs detailing every VOLSER that was in mid-replication during the event. The listed VOLSERs can then be processed according to each data center's DR policies. Log files are written to all sending and receiving MVTs, CGXs and Vaults, ensuring availability should email be affected by an event or if security policies restrict email use.

RepMon: Replication Monitor for MVT, CGX, Vault and Cloud storage systems

RepMon monitors replication between MVT, CGX, Vault and Cloud storage systems, including one-to-one and one-to-many replication configurations.

CloudTAPE Dashboard

Luminex Replication supports the internal tiering, versioning and object metadata capabilities of Cloud and object storage systems. CloudTAPE Dashboard enables storage managers to view and audit the historical and current data for remotely-stored VOLSERs, including their available versions, tiering status, size, replication and expiration dates.

CloudTAPE Dashboard: Monitoring and Reporting for Cloud and Object Storage

RepMon's CloudTAPE Dashboard displays Cloud and object storage versioning and tiering status, replication and expiration dates, VOLSER sizes and other tape object metadata.

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