Looking for CloudSafe™ or CloudTAPE™?

Luminex's cloud-based vaulting solution for mainframe environments initially launched under the name CloudSAFE and has since been changed to CloudTAPE. The trademark for the CloudSafe name is held by CloudSafe GmbH & Co. KG.

Luminex CloudTAPE™, a complement to the company's industry-leading Channel Gateway mainframe virtual tape solution, enables customers to vault mainframe tape volumes in the enterprise-proven, globally dispersed cloud storage network to eliminate the cost of physical tape media, shipping and off-site storage. Equally important, storage and access to the vaulted copies of tape data is not restricted to local or regional off-site physical tape vaults. Tape data can be stored then accessed from anywhere via the cloud, which cost-effectively addresses business requirements to secure mission-critical data out-of-region from primary datacenter operations.

For information regarding CloudSafe GmbH & Co. KG or the CloudSafe.com platform, visit http://www.cloudsafe.com.