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Luminex MDI BigData Transfer

More Data, More Insight, More Competitive Advantages… Better Business Outcomes

Big Value Data

Data is often referred to as the “new gold,” an enterprise’s most valuable asset that must be mined from all available data sources and analyzed. Like any other resource, the cost and difficulty of access is critical in maximizing the value to the organization. While companies increasingly seek to include their mainframe's "Big Value Data" in enterprise-wide analytics, TCP/IP-based options require increased MIPS consumption, present security issues and add implementation complexity that will limit a project's full potential, impact ROI or even make it impractical.

MDI BigData Transfer provides a better alternative with the speed, simplicity and security needed to cost-effectively integrate mainframes with Hadoop ecosystems and maximize insight, competitive advantage and business outcomes.

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More Insight

By integrating mainframe data into Hadoop, enterprises can leverage internal or third-party resources, such as Microsoft Azure data lakes, for enterprise-wide analytics, providing insight into new and previously unknown opportunities that are essential to future success.

More Competitive Advantages

Since most of the world’s corporate data is still processed on mainframes, the data in these systems can facilitate better, more timely decision making in several industries, including retail, financial services and others where fast access to data allows companies to quickly react to consumer’s purchasing decisions.

BigData Transfer also enables greater frequency of data access by offloading MIPS required for encryption and TCP/IP transfers, which allows those savings to be reinvested in sharing Big Value data with greater regularity and/or more business tools.

Better Business Outcomes

When business and application users have fast access to all available data, including mainframe and non-mainframe data, whether it’s decision making for research in Life Sciences and Education, innovations in Manufacturing and Transportation or better governance in the Public Sector… better outcomes prevail.

For mainframe connectivity (see figure below), BigData Transfer uses the same trusted FICON I/O channels that are used for disk (DASD) and tape storage systems, providing secure, high-speed data transfers that are essential for sharing exceptionally large files. Unlike BigData Transfer, many TCP/IP-based products struggle with large files, becoming a bottleneck, or even a liability, when transfer speed is critical. In contrast, BigData Transfer is based on the MDI Platform, which is purpose-built for large, high volume file transfers. Connectivity with HDFS is made simple and secure using webHDFS, so services and technologies that leverage Hadoop can access mainframe data for Big Data analytics with minimal effort and resources.

BigData Transfer bridges FICON from the mainframe and webHDFS for Hadoop ecosystems

BigData Transfer is connected to the mainframe via FICON and communicates with HDFS via webHDFS. It can achieve 800MB/s, per MDI platform, is available in high availability configurations and is simple to implement.

Access to More Data is Great… Secure Access to More Data is Better!

BigData Transfer resides on the Mainframe Data Integration (MDI) Platform, where data is translated from EBCDIC to ASCII, then moved to Hadoop over an encrypted connection. MDI enables enterprises to eliminate FTP/Port 21 on the mainframe, eliminating data sent “in the clear,” reducing known targets for malicious hackers.

BigData Transfer for enterprise-wide analytics with Big Value mainframe data!

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