Process high-demand mainframe applications off-host

Luminex MDI Cross-Platform Data Sharing (XPDS)

Integrate the Enterprise with Simplified Data and Workload Sharing

The demand for mainframe data continues to increase as business application users look to integrate data enterprise-wide for better insights, forecasting and analytics. However, securely moving large amounts of mainframe data fast and frequently enough to allow for timely results remains a challenge.

XPDS replaces slow and cumbersome TCP/IP methods on the mainframe by leveraging native FICON I/O channels that are fundamentally faster and more secure. XPDS enables enterprises to get data when and where they need it by simply writing a tape!

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Move SMF reporting processes off-host to save MIPS and reduce licensing fees

XPDS enhances data sharing with the ability to include user-defined commands, enabling bi-directional cross-platform workflows for greater efficiency, speed and security.

Feed Business Applications Bidirectionally

XPDS gives enterprises more agility by moving mainframe data quickly down the FICON channel to shared NFS storage, placing it in application-specific directories, where it can be processed by off-host applications. Not only does XPDS give applications teams on-demand access to mission critical mainframe data, it enables a bidirectional exchange of data, allowing distributed applications to send data and reports back to the mainframe. The entire exchange is no longer limited by the overhead costs of TCP/IP methods or the bottlenecks of network traffic on the mainframe, giving enterprises the ability to process workloads when and where it makes the most sense, increasing operational efficiency and outcomes.

Enterprises can now experience the full benefits of distributed applications or move non-critical workloads such as SORT or logic applications, as XPDS allows the mainframe to send and receive data securely with ease.

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