MVT: Enterprise-Class Mainframe Virtual Tape Solutions for Data Centers of All Sizes

Luminex Mainframe Virtual Tape (MVT™ 2.0) Solutions

Expect More from Virtual Tape: Protect, Manage and Leverage Mainframe Data

Luminex innovations in virtual tape have led to features that are now expected for any enterprise-class mainframe tape solution. From encryption, non-disruptive Push Button DR testing, VOLSER-level replication monitoring, wire-speed FICON and cloud storage, Luminex has continued to redefine what can, and should, be done to improve data protection, performance and availablity for mainframe data. With configuations for modest terabyte storage requirements through multi-mainframe, multi-site requirements with petabytes of storage and continuous availability, MVT provides the most capable tape solutions for the mainframe.

MVT 2.0 features

MVT 2.0 Raises the Bar, Again

The 2.0 generation of MVT solutions continue to improve the core roles of tape such as batch processing, HSM, disaster recovery and archiving. MVT 2.0 also advances the role of the tape infrastructure to offload mainframe processes for greater efficiency, security and to liberate the value of mainframe data.

Data centers now have more options to improve the security, agility, integration and cost-effectiveness of the mainframe platform and its data by simply expecting more from virtual tape.


  • CloudTAPE features have been expanded to provide mainframe-transparent intra-cloud storage tiering, DataStream Intelligence metadata tagging, deeper Luminex Replication and Monitoring integration, and versioning support to provide an "air gap" for mainframe tape.
  • MDI SecureTransfer Express enables mainframes to eliminate Port 21 (unsecure FTP), protecting both the mainframe platform from intrusion and its data over the network, by using MVT as a data and managed file transfer mechanism.


  • MVThsm shifts tape capacity optimization, normally performed by the CPU-intensive HSM recycle process, off-host without mainframe MSUs or the need to update the HSM Catalog Data Set.
  • Multitenancy administration features have been expanded for outsourcers, hosting providers and large organizations with multiple business units that require workload segregation and capacity chargebacks.


  • Mainframe Data Integration (MDI) Ready from day 1, enabling MVT 2.0 users the ability to add powerful data sharing and co-processing capabilities to their existing tape infrastructure.
  • MDI SecureTransfer Express enables more reliable, efficient, highly parallel and significantly faster data movement to and from network SFTP targets, with ease and agility not possible with mainframe-based SFTP.

MVT 2.0 Series

The MVT Series includes solutions for mainframe data centers of all sizes. Select a series below to learn more.


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