Case Study

Financial Institution

International Financial Institution Selects Luminex Channel Gateway Solution as Their Next Generation Mainframe Virtual Tape


A leading international bank needed to address their growing data management requirements which were overwhelming their current StorageTek VSM-based mainframe data storage infrastructure.  In addition to addressing their needs for increased capacity and high throughput, they were looking for a solution that would simplify their data management by utilizing a common set of tools to manage both their mainframe data and their large open systems data environment.  The bank prepared a comprehensive Request for Proposal.  Responders included IBM, EMC and Sun.  The bank ultimately selected the solution presented by a local integrator that included Luminex Channel Gateway mainframe virtual tape software, Fujitsu servers, Data Domain gateways for de-duplication and Hitachi Data Systems disk arrays.

Business Need

The bank’s IT environment was complex, with mainframes in two production locations and in a third disaster recovery location, with multiple directors to cross-connect resources among the hosts.  In addition to the proprietary mainframe environment, the bank had a entirely separate, large open systems environment that complicated data management.  The bank needed to consolidate their data management under a single system, improve performance for data processing and data retrieval, and increase their storage capacity at a reasonable cost.

The Luminex Solution

The solution deployed by the local integrator included four Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers running Solaris 10 at each of the three locations as the Luminex Channel Gateway platform.  A total of 24 FICON channels across the three customer sites were implemented.  The Channel Gateways were then connected to Data Domain Gateways via NFS over GigE and to the Hitachi Data Systems disk arrays by Fibre Channel.  As a result, the bank now is able to utilize its open systems storage infrastructure to manage all of its data.  And with the Data Domain Gateways, the bank can take advantage of Data Domain’s high speed inline de-duplication with 20 to 1 plus data compression to significantly decrease the bandwidth requirements for sending their backup data to their DR location.  This configuration creates a no single point of failure environment.  

Financial institution configuration

Solution Benefits

  • Using the same network bandwidth and processes for both mainframe and open systems data replication
  • By de-duplicating the data prior to replication, the bank saved both bandwidth and cost
  • Allowed multiple hosts access to all tape tools across all FICON channels
  • By eliminating physical tapes, saved the cost of handling, transporting and storing tapes
  • Eliminated the risk of lost, misplaced or stolen physical tapes
  • Greatly improved data retrieval and access