Case Study

National Direct Marketing Company

National Direct Marketing Company Selects Luminex Channel Gateway and Sun Fire X4500 Data Server for Additional Virtual Tape Storage


A leading national direct marketing company was growing rapidly.  Their mainframe data storage was increasing at a faster rate than their business.  In addition, they needed to address increased volumes from the new location they were adding as well as handling the data from their existing virtual tape system.  The customer selected Luminex’s Channel Gateway software installed on the Sun Fire X4500 Data Server over a competing VTS proposed by IBM.

Business Need

The customer operates a VSE based IBM mainframe with a virtual tape solution that was not meeting their needs.  They needed to upgrade processing performance, increase storage capacity and reduce operating costs.   The customer wanted an integrated solution that eliminated the need for constant operator intervention, provided additional storage capacity with the flexibility of later adding more storage capacity while reducing their costs.  

The Luminex Solution

Luminex and a Sun reseller presented the Luminex and Sun Channel Data Server virtual tape option.  The Channel Data Server is comprised of the Sun Fire X4500 Data Server with up to 24 Terabytes of raw storage with Luminex’s Channel Gateway software with FICON connectivity.  We installed a single Channel Data Server in the production site and provided a second Channel Data Server on site for backup purposes.  The results were dramatic and immediate.  The customer was able to centralize all mainframe tape storage in the single Channel Data Server (including the additional location’s data and all data from the replaced virtual tape system), improve processing times, shorten the backup window and reduce the costs of operations and maintenance.  

National marketing company configuration

Solution Benefits

  • Upgraded to FICON connectivity
  • Dramatically improved throughput
  • Eliminated on-site data center resources previously required for backups
  • Off-loaded data from previous virtual tape system
  • Significantly increased mainframe virtual tape capacity
  • Shortened the backup window
  • Lowered annual maintenance costs