Luminex Videos

Learn and laugh along with the Luminex Team as we share perspectives, strategies and solutions for mainframe data.

Mainframe Data Integration

A collection of videos on various aspects and offerings within the Luminex MDI solution family.

Introduction to MDI

In the first of a multi-part series, this video illustrates the tape API at the core of MDI's revolutionary approach to data sharing and movement between mainframes and distributed systems.

View the entire series here: MDI Video Tour

Share Mainframe Data As Never Before

In the epic search for more secure, efficient and faster mainframe data sharing, Luminex MDI SecureTransfer saves the day with FICON-based cross-platform file transfers.

Hey, Paul! What is SLP?

Paul Massengill explains the mechanics and benefits of using MDI SLP to shift SAS and MXG operations to a FICON-attached co-processor.

Luminex Connects

The Luminex Team brings their humor and expertise together to discuss ways to better protect, manage and leverage your mainframe data.

Push Button DR Q&A

Push Button DR is a game changing feature that’s popular with our mainframe virtual tape customers. One fan gets the inside scoop directly from our Manager of Engineering.

Learn more about Luminex Replication and Push Button DR.

Lessons from the Pony Express

Paul Massengill uses the Pony Express to demonstrate how the speed of mainframe data delivery can impact your business. If you use mainframe data for time-sensitive business decision-making, every second counts!

Learn more about MDI SLP.

MDI Overview 01: Introduction

Colleen Gordon discusses the state of mainframe integration technologies that led to Luminex developing their MDI solutions.

MDI Overview 02: FICON vs. TCP/IP

Colleen Gordon explains the challenges of moving data over mainframe TCP/IP and compares it to the mainframe-native FICON I/O channels used by MDI.


Follow Leon's journey as he leaves physical tape behind and discovers the joys and possibilities of Luminex's next-generation mainframe virtual tape.

Leon Goes Tapeless

Things are changing for the better at Leon's mainframe data center... but Leon doesn't like change. He's willing to take drastic measures to protect the status quo. Can the authorities save Leon from himself?

Learn more about Luminex Mainframe Virtual Tape.

Leon Does Disaster Recovery

Life has been good ever since Leon switched to Luminex's mainframe virtual tape. That's all the more evident after calling his longtime friend, William, whose company is still using physical tape.

Learn more about Push Button DR.

Leon Likes Continuous Availability

Leon helps out his fellow mainframer, William, whose large company has outgrown their "high availability" mainframe tape environment.

Learn more about Synchronous Tape Matrix.

Mr. Miller's Mainframe Melodies

Have some fun with these catchy and clever tunes inspired by real events from mainframe data centers.

If You've Got a Mainframe (and a VSM)

Also known as the "VSM Replacement Refrain".

Learn more about Luminex's experience and capabilities for replacing StorageTek VSM.

Big Iron

A fun parody of the famous Marty Robbins' song.

Learn more about Luminex MDI.

SLP Express

Jethro was an admin and needed to lighten his SAS and MXG workloads.

Learn more about Luminex MDI SLP.