Tape Migration Software and Services

Mainframe Tape Migration Software and Services

Luminex’s professional IT Services engineers provide industry leading mainframe tape migration services to enable mainframe enterprise clients to migrate their existing physical tape and virtual tape inventories to Luminex’s MODERN Mainframe Virtual Tape Solutions, consolidating their mainframe data on disk and eliminating or vastly reducing their reliance on cumbersome and expensive physical tape. Luminex’s engineers are thoroughly trained and certified with years of experience in meeting the complex needs of mainframe enterprises and have successfully completed complex tape migrations for mainframe clients worldwide.

Professional Tape Migration Tools and Services

Luminex’s mainframe tape migration services facilitate a near-seamless, fully secure migration, with no off-site activity required, with virtually no impact to enterprise operations.

As more and more mainframe enterprises go “tapeless,” they can confidently turn to Luminex to provide highly reliable migration of all of their mainframe data.

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