Universal Storage Networking

Universal Storage Networking™

Universal Storage Networking ™ is Luminex’s strategic vision of dismantling proprietary barriers by enabling all storage and data management products to work in mainframe environments.  Guided by the Universal Storage Networking principle, we seek to open the mainframe market to the same competitive forces that are at work creating advanced technologies and products in the open systems marketplace.  We recognize that competition is good for the market and can only result in a stronger and more competitive array of product offerings for the mainframe customer.

Our strategy is to change the mainframe storage landscape.  Already, the Channel Gateway is enabling a flood of innovative, better, faster, more feature rich and more cost-effective mainframe storage solutions to hit the market.   Click here to see the Channel Gateway product family or click here to see the Mainframe Storage Solutions we offer and enable.

We are committed to breaking down barriers and enabling advancements in storage products and data management methods for the mainframe community.  This is our vision and this is the meaning of Universal Storage Networking™